"Insurance company is a company that builds commitment, it is our commitment to caring and reserving."



Company Profile

PT AJ Central Asia Raya was established on 30 April 1975, by Notarial Deed of Ridwan Suselo No. 357, with Rp 500 million in authorized capital. Since the establishment, all of the shareholders board of commissioners, and board of directors put their commitment to make this company one of the life insurance companies has passed through three decades and continues to grow. This has been proven by having assets of more than Rp 3.812 trillion, risk based capital (RBC) is 216% and the only and the first life insurance company to achieved Platinum Award from Infobank magazine with “Excellent” rating for 10 years consecutively (1999 to 2008)


Global business competition is a challenge for the Company to become the leading life insurance company in Indonesia is not easy. The government is getting serious fix up the financial institutions that collect public funds including banking, securities, and insurance (life and general). Insurance market more open, while the public is increasingly critical and understand the importance of the insurance industry. In 2012, Law on the Financial Services Authority (OJK) was passed; the authority or regulator of financial services, especially insurance services, on January 1, 2013 will switch from Ministry of Finance to OJK. There are many factors to  become the best, inter alia: the support of shareholders, management commitment, hard work of all staff, capital structure, human resources, information technology, marketing, quality products, and excellent service for customers.


Shareholder support is very important especially in terms of capital, and it is proven that the shareholders approved the increase paid-up capital to Rp 100 billion in 2008. Total paid up capital is in compliance with the Government regulatioin for insurance industry prior to the issuance of regulation. It is very important that the company had anticipated regulatory changes in the insurance industry.