Company Overview Year 2012


The year 2012 was a year of challenge for Company due to the financial crisis hit European Union. Nonetheless Indonesia's economy continued growing with an increase of 6.23%. This increase was caused by an increase in consumption and investment. Domestic consumption accounted for half of Indonesia's economy and become one of the countries for foreign investment. In addition, Indonesia had regained investment grade status.

Indonesia inflation rate for the year 2012 was increased to 4.3%, but life insurance industry has grown even at 7%.


New business premium income for the year was Rp 648 billion. It was contributed by individual business, invidual unitlink, group life insurance, group health insurance including which were managed by Employee Benefit Program/managed care, and sharia unit business.


Total assets of the Company was Rp 3.81 trillion,- increased by 14% compared to 2011, and consists of earning assets of Rp 3.69 (96% from total assets). Portion of earning assets to total assets was always maintained with a range of 95%.


Total investments income for the year was Rp 283 billion,- it means that average investments yield was 8.40% from total investments. The figure was higher compared to average return of time deposit of 5.75%.


Solvency level (RBC - Risk Based Capital) was maintained within safety range and was balanced with the Company’s growth as well as its capital. By the end of 2012, Company’s RBC was 216% meaning the Company in a very solvent and sound condition because regulation requirement is 120% minimum.


In 2012, numbers of individual was more than 1.050 salesperson/ agents were supported by 62  individual sales offices; Group marketing (account executives) were supported  by 20 corporate sales offices, and for after sales services we provide 26 main branch customer service offices  (LANCAR) and 21 sub-branches. The Company developed one business unit, i.e Employee Benefit/Managed Care that serve specific group customers for health insurance, life insurance, and personnal accident . We also provide and engage with more than 1.600 providers (hospotals, clinics, pharmacies, and optical stores/opticians).


We believe that if all business aspects are professionally managed then company will also have a balanced growth in term of finance, customer service, human resources, and benefits for the stakeholders. Starting January 1, 2013 the supervision of insurance industry switch from the Ministry of Finance to the Financial Services Authority (OJK). This is new challenge for the Company to prove that in the coming years, the Company will perform better.


We believe that our vision, mission and core values should be the solid foundation to strive for THE BEST and all stakeholders or those who are always together with Company SHOULD BE PROUD of CAR.


Last but not the least, we thank all parties especially all policyholders, shareholders, agents, and staff for their collaboration and hard work in year 2012 to make the company achieve its current status. We would like to emphasize that the success of the Company is our success.



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