Our ethics is built for the entire organization in order to create a harmonious working environment among employees, regulator, customers, and partners with regard norms, code of conducts in generally, which are broadly conveyed in our Company Provision, as follows:


The Company considers to: provide proper jobs or orders and demanding high performance to employees; establish standard and operating procedures and other related provisions; provide normative wages; lead, concern, maintain safety and health of employees; train and develop the knowledge and skills; provide protection to whistleblowers; support anti- corruption, collusion, nepotism and bribery; support anti- money laundering; implement good corporate governance ( GCG ), and the code of business conduct.


Each employee with the Company commit to: adhere any provisions/regulations set by the government, regulator, associations, and our Company; honesty; do the job with the best; follow standard and operating procedure; do the best business practices and take full responsibility; comply with all the rule of tasks/commands; keep the confidential data of the company and customers; maintain harmonious working; maintain public order and norms; keep clean and well order in working environments; prevent and keep away from an endanger things and activities; preserve and prevent from sustainable damage of the environment, water, air, and earth; implement GCG; and support anti-corruption, collisions, nepotism, and bribery.


Complete written rules, provisions, ethics, and prohibitions for the Company and its employees have been set.